Resume & Credentials
    Educational History
    Convent of the Sacred Heart                                                                                                              Graduation: 1981
    2222 Broadway                                                                                                                                   Summa Cum Laude
    San Francisco, CA 94115 

    University of Washington                                                                                                                   Graduation: 1987
    100 University Avenue                                                                                                                       Magna Cum Laude
    Seattle, WA 98195                                                                                                              Bachelor of Arts: English Literature
    206-543-9198                                                                                                                      Minor: (1) Classics; (2) Psychology

    San Francisco State University                                                                                                  Graduate Studies In Education
    1600 Holloway Avenue                                                                                                                       1988-1991 35 units
    San Francisco, CA 94132                                                                                                                    Credential Education 
    415-338-1111 1988                                                                                                                              39 units

    University of London                                                                                                   San Francisco State University exchange
    Senate House, Malet St,                                                                                                                       1989-1990 (see above)
    London, Greater London WC1E 7HU
    United Kingdom  

    Stanford University                                                                                                           Seminar: Educational Theory and 
    Stanford, CA 94305                                                                                                          Practice in the Secondary Classroom
    650-723-2300 1999                                                                                                                              10 units

    University Of Phoenix                                                                                                   Seminar On-line: The Neurophysiology of
    Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                                              Learning: Theories and Models
    866-766-0766 2004                                                                                                                                  6 units

     General Resume

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Alexandra Gamban
Credentialed Middle School, High School and College Multi-subject Tutor